Guess What is Finally Here (hint: it starts with a "B")!

Pearl's large featherless shopkeeper is so proud to announce that a certain fetching and feathery someone's new memoir is finally in PRINT! Yahoo!!

Weighing in at 221 pages, with more than 77 personal stories plus a full 12-page photo section AND an index including Pearl's Favorite Waffle Recipe to enjoy, this is a book pet lovers of all ages will treasure and eagerly share with loved ones.

In addition to Pearl, "Love & Feathers" features his mommy (aka his large featherless assistant) Shannon, his grandpa (aka the Tall Tree), his grandma (aka the Small Chef), the family furred being (an extra-long brown standard dachshund named J.P. Morgan) and assorted colorful supporting characters.

We ship globally and Pearl will happily beak-o-graph your copy (if you include an optional donation to his Waffle Fund he will be even happier). 


Oh, and you can ORDER HERE :-)