BIG "Double Birthday" Book Sale Happening Now!

Wow - it's December again already! And that can only mean one's time for a big double birthday celebration!

Yup...Pearl and his mommy are each turning a whole year older. One of us looks more fetching and feathery than ever, and the other one is still trying to figure out why "grey and white" doesn't look as good on her as it does on her petite winged sidekick.

That aside, we put our heads together (Pearl's was first, of course) and decided there is only one way to properly celebrate such auspicious festivities - with a "double birthday" book sale!

Today through Dec. 31st, get your beak-o-graphed book for just $15.95 (a $6 discount).

Pearl is standing by, beak wide open and order now! Order often! 

With lots of love, happy holiday wishes (& plenty of feathers, of course),

Shannon & Pearl


Pearl's September 20 Percent Off Sale!

Oh yes. It is really true. Pearl is feeling so fetching and feathery this month (and so irked at his shelled flock mates' decision to launch their own online shop) that he decided to have a big fall sale!

After all, if feathers make him feel fabulous - and he already has so many of them - think of how they will make all his featherless VIP fans feel!

And Pearl is all about selfless service. And feathery-ness. And VIP fans.

So this month, shop, save, and shop (and save) some more!