I have always loved all animals, but birds have become my heart. And that is why I like your book, Love & Feathers, so much. You touch the bird in me.

-Ellen Cook, DVM

Love & Feathers filled with compelling stories about how Shannon’s parrot helps her to see aspects of her life from a different view, which fuels her self-growth. It serves as an incredible reminder that many of life’s most powerful lessons can be found in the simplest of places. 

-Amy Morin, LCSW, author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

Love & Feathers is a delightful account of love in its most pure and literal form. It is a story about finding your destiny when you least expect it. With flawless and comical prose, Shannon allows her readers to see how life can be deeply enriched when you can love someone and be loved in return. Pearl and Shannon are soulmates who share 6 wondrous things: trust, surrender, sufficiency, peace & potential. I adored this book.

-Emi Berger, DVM

Love & Feathers took me on a heart-warming journey into the intricacies of avian-human companionship. I was especially intrigued with how Pearl’s life was shown to be an example of how we could also enjoy our own life. Those who truly treasure their avian family members will surely grin, giggle and even sigh as they relate to the antics of Pearl. Trust me, you will relate.

-Sherri Inskeep Lewis, Past President of the National Cockatiel Society; owner of Tame Tiels Aviary

I started to read your book–I had no idea what to expect…. It’s delightful. I’m not really a bird person, but find myself sucked in. I really like that it’s both this personal conversation and really factual, instructional. It made me think about how a loving pet companion might plug up some of the holes in my life.

-Marcelyn McNeil, artist & cat lover